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Nana Ciira
(Property Investor & Sourcer)

"I will recommend this site to all my serious investor friends."
Marcus de Maria
(Stockmarket Trader)

"Very professional."
Alex Kamalondo
(Property Sourcer)

"Very friendly website with positive and clear explanation.
Well done."

Selina Lim
(Property Investor)

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"Property Radar adds substantial value
in the property industry.
It offers powerful potential to generate exceptional returns
for home buyers, sellers and investors."

Brad Goz (Chartered Financial Analyst)

Property Radar's mission is to save you both time and money by providing quality lists of below market value properties.


What that means to you is that you save many hours of your valuable time finding these bargains, because we've already done most of the work for you.

The question is, how much is your time worth, and what other more productive things could you be doing whilst we deliver properties to you?

For example, it takes our trained researchers 20 hours to research several hundred properties to come up with 10 below market value properties that we believe are good enough to deserve to be listed on our website. How much would you value 20 hours of your time?
If your time is worth more than 1 an hour then read on.


Also, you are able to save many thousands of your hard-earned money, because the properties on your list are already below market value. That's instant equity for you to add to your portfolio.

For example, for a typical 200k property, at 10% discount, you would be saving 20,000. Is that worth only 20 (or as little as 8.33) per month for becoming a member, with a full 30 day money back guarantee if you don't find what you want? What if you selected a property that was 15% or 20% or 30% or 40% below market value, like some of the properties on our list?


Furthermore, your profit could run into several tens of thousands because many of the properties that you will find on your list require renovation or refurbishment, and hence are particularly well priced. Ideal for anyone who is looking for higher than average returns, particularly when you consider cash on cash return.

If you need any help with renovations or refurbishments, then please contact us, because we have a great team of builders who are able to help at very reasonable rates, as well as access to development finance up to 100% in some cases.


In addition, there are no sourcing fees on the properties in your list, because we will provide you with direct contact details to the owners or estate agents. So, for a very low monthly amount, you can save yourselves an additional few thousand pounds.

For example, on a typical 200k property the sourcing fee would normally be 2%, so you will be saving 4000, simply by becoming a member for only 20pm. How great is that?


We will be adding more exciting property lists for you in the near future, depending on the specific requirements of our members, so make sure you come back regularly to see all the new developments that we have in store for you.

Future Lists in the pipeline are:

- Investment Properties
- Off-Plan Developments
- New Build Properties
- Auction Properties
- Land (with and without planning permission)
- Commercial Properties
- Overseas Properties


How do you become a member?
Simple, just click here, so that you can start profiting immediately.


Want to share the list with your friends or colleagues? Why not earn yourself some commission whilst doing them the favour. Better still, you can get paid each and every month for the lifetime of their membership! Start earning more by emailing affiliate@property-radar.com.

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